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Working safer is working smarter

Corporate Campuses

Be the best in your industry and in safety. Provide your employees with a worry-free workspace for maximum productivity. Sensors can be mounted to exterior walls and light poles throughout your corporate campus.

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Peace of mind to learn


Students and staff are the heartbeat of your school. Secure safe learning environments for them with sensors around campus. Whether you’re a K-12 school or university, ATD has a solution to keep your educators and students at ease.

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Guard the technology that fuels you


Your technology is your most valuable asset. Protect your plant or substation from threats that could compromise the machines that allow you to operate with indoor and outdoor sensors.

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Keep watch so your audience doesn’t have to


Keeping your venue secure from threats is the best way to ensure the show will go on. Create a safe environment for people to unwind with indoor and outdoor sensors.

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Protect the city your community calls home


We know nothing takes priority over the safety of your community. Let us help you make home the safe place your community deserves. Provide protection around town with outdoor sensors. Our wide variety of mounting options will ensure no roads, side-streets, or alleys go unprotected.

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