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Our Technology Isn’t the Only Thing That’s Revolutionary

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The most advanced threat detection technology in the world

Acoem’s revolutionary Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) is the most advanced gunshot detection technology in the world, enabling better situational awareness. Proven under military conditions with some of the world’s elite fighting forces, our technology is now available for the first time to your community and law enforcement.
Unlike any other systems, Acoem ATD uses advanced sensors, not just microphones, so it can reliably detect threats like gunshots right when they happen. The advanced sensors more accurately identify gunshots by using not only the muzzle blast but also the ballistic sound wave caused by the projectile in motion. ATD’s reliability means that you can act quickly without fear of false alarms. In less than three seconds, you can not only identify threats, but also deploy cameras to view the scene, access audio replay, and trigger an alarm in the control room so human monitors can confirm the threat.
And the system can be integrated with any camera or video monitoring system to provide instant camera coverage of the exact location of the threat’s origin.

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Gunfire Instant Alert
Reduce firearm violence and casualties by sending instant alerts to dispatch centers, law enforcement, emergency responders, and patrol officers on their smartphones, improving policing and community trust.
Rapid Gunshot Detection
Enhance situational awareness during shooting incidents by locating and identifying gunfire in seconds.
Saving Lives
Save lives and provide critical evidence for gun crime investigations.

Our technology isn’t the only thing that’s revolutionary.

Acoem’s Aware America Initiative means we can help you get your system up and running right away. We’ll even help you apply for grants that can cover the cost of your sensors, and advise you on how to integrate them with your existing systems. Once your system is in place, the technology belongs to you. No leasing fees, subscriptions, or punitive software license agreements. Just peace of mind.

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Tested on the Battlefield, Effective in Your Community

Acoem ATD is being made available for civilian use for the first time, but our acoustic technology has a long history of success in municipal, civil, and military applications. Our threat surveillance and detection solutions are based on lessons learned from technology initially deployed for military applications, and have earned the trust of soldiers in some of the toughest military operations around the world.

Acoem is also an approved security solution provider for major sporting events, where our advanced technology keeps spectators safe at some of the world’s most prominent competitions.  

That extensive experience laid the foundation for our civilian threat detection system – helping law enforcement and security staff make faster, more reliable, and more informed tactical response decisions to emergency situations.

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Using Technology to Enhance Safety

The artificial intelligence that fuels our ATD technology continuously learns and evolves through data collection. This approach is completely different from that of our competitors, who simply offer microphone-based systems. That means we can offer a level of accuracy and reliability that simply can’t be replicated by any of the existing gunshot detection systems, giving you the confidence to tackle threats quickly. Each individual sensor has the ability to detect and locate threats immediately, so your response is faster and more finely tuned. Our acoustic threat detectors can also be easily integrated with VMS (video management software) and CAD (computer-aided dispatch) systems for a comprehensive security solution that no other manufacturer can offer.

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You may not know us yet, but Acoem and its legacy brands date back to 1967, across a wide variety of industries.

We are a global organization that leverages technology to provide better ways to monitor the environment, operate machinery, and protect communities. Our 900+ employees work across 27 offices, 6 manufacturing facilities and 4 R&D centers in 11 countries to provide trusted solutions for customers worldwide. 

Acoem’s US operations are based in Grants Pass, Oregon and Richmond, Virginia, with more than 180 employees dedicated to harnessing technology to improve our lives.

Our ATD technology revolutionizes the landscape for gunshot detection in the United States, keeping your communities safe.
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