A sound approach to venue safety: Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD)

If you've ever been to a big sports game or a concert at a huge stadium, you know they take security seriously. And if you're someone who goes to these events often, you've probably noticed that security has shifted from mostly people checking things to using more technology. Nowadays, safety at big events is super important, and new technologies are playing a really big role in making things safer.

Among these pioneering advancements stands Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD), an advanced system that uses sound detection to make sure venues are safer than ever before.

Acoem’s Advanced Gunshot Detection: Ensuring Safety at Your Venue

Ensure your venue becomes the safe haven it deserves to be, thanks to trustworthy military-proven technology. Acoem’s Acoustic Gunshot Detection (ATD) equips venues with smart tech that senses and communicates security risks in real-time. Solutions for both outdoor and indoor spaces give you all-around 360° coverage, safeguarding attendees as they arrive, leave, and move in between. Our portable choice offers protection wherever it’s required for specific events. If threats emerge inside or outside your venue, you’ll get quick alerts to your VMS so you’re the first to know. ATD’s abilities can be tailored to fit your venue’s needs, showing the audience you’re looking out for them in every situation.
(Source: New York Times)

The Acoem ATD Gunshot Detection technology is built to swiftly and precisely recognize the sound of gunshots in a specific area. It uses a network of sensors strategically positioned throughout the location. These sensors have the ability to pick up the distinct sound patterns of gunshots and can tell them apart from other loud sounds. As soon as a gunshot is detected, the technology calculates where the shot came from by measuring the time it takes for the sound to reach different sensors. This data is then used to send alerts to security personnel and law enforcement, notifying them about the potential threat.

Integration with PTZ Cameras

Combining Acoem ATD Gunshot Detection technology with PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras adds an extra layer of security. PTZ cameras have the ability to move and zoom in on specific areas, allowing security staff to visually examine potential threats in real-time. When the Acoem ATD system identifies a gunshot, the details about where the shot happened can be sent to the PTZ cameras. These cameras can then automatically focus on the identified location, giving security personnel live visual information. This information can help assess the situation and decide on the best course of action.
(Source: AP News)

Advantages of ATD

  • Fast Response: The synergy between gunshot detection and PTZ cameras substantially cuts the time needed to spot and assess possible threats, leading to quicker overall responses.
  • Not in Your Face: Unlike some security stuff that’s really visible, ATD does its job in the background without getting in the way of the event’s excitement.
  • Really Good at Getting It Right: ATD systems are designed to tell apart regular sounds from potentially dangerous ones with high accuracy. This helps avoid getting false alarms.
  • Works Well with Others: ATD doesn’t replace other safety things like cameras and guards. Instead, it works together with them to make a strong safety net.
  • Fits Different Places: These systems can be used in all sorts of spots and for different kinds of events, making them pretty versatile.


  • Precise Location Identification: With accurate pinpointing of gunshot locations, security personnel can respond more efficiently, focusing resources exactly where they’re needed.
  • Live Visual Insights: Combining gunshot detection with PTZ cameras provides real-time visual data, aiding security teams in making well-informed decisions on handling the situation.
  • Heightened Public Safety: Deploying advanced security tools like gunshot detection technology fosters a safer environment for event-goers, improving their overall experience and reducing harm risks.
  • Collaboration with Law Enforcement: When gunshot detection occurs, security personnel can promptly share crucial details with law enforcement, enabling coordinated responses and effective situation management.

The Future of Event Security

As technology keeps getting better, Acoustic Threat Detection is only going to improve. With advances in technology and better hardware, ATD systems might become even better at figuring out tricky sounds and spotting new problems.

To sum up, using Acoustic Threat Detection for keeping events safe isn’t just about having security guards and cameras around. It’s also about using smart tech to make sure everyone at big events is safe and happy. As we keep using ATD, we’re heading towards a future where events are even more secure and worry-free.

by Keith Epperson | September 22, 2023
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