Acoustic Threat Dectection grant funding

What is Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) Grant Funding?

Did you know that there is grant funding available for Acoem’s Acoustic Threat Detection sensors? You have probably heard of the term “gunshot detection” which is one of the premier uses of ATD. However, our sensors not only detect gunshots, they are also capable of detecting and differentiating between explosions, fireworks or even broken glass. How could your organization or community benefit from knowing exactly when and where something out of character has taken place?

A “grant” is a fund given by a public body, charitable foundation, or a specialized institution to an individual or another entity such as a business, individual or a non-profit organization — for a specific purpose linked to public benefit. Further, grants are not to be confused with a loan, these funds are gifted and not to be paid back.

How Do I Qualify for Grant Funding?

If your organization is interested in the benefits of Acoustic Threat Detection, but do not feel that you currently have the funds to implement this technology, there is a good possibility that you could qualify for a grant with one of our partner grant providers.

How Do Grants Work?

Acoem Acoustic Threat Detection works with Federal, State and Private grant funding to match prospective clients with the best grant provider for their needs. Each grant application process is different depending on the source of the grant. However, generally, your organization will fill out an application accompanied with documentation such as a “grant justification paper.”

A grant justification paper is a document that you provide detailing your organization or communities need for the grant funds. Once approved, the grant provider will disburse the funds enabling us to install Acoustic Threat Detection Sensors. This may cover only a portion or all of the cost depending on the financial situation of your organization.

How Do I Get Started With Applying for ATD Grant Funding?

Our team is ready to help you assess your needs and find a grant to attain funding for our Acoustic Threat Detection sensors. Our dedicated ATD sales team will be happy to speak with you about your individual need for a grant and the possibilities available.

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Learn More About ATD & How It Works?

Read our blog to learn about how ATD works, and why our sensors could benefit keeping your community safe.

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