When people feel safe, they feel free to embrace the moment worry-free.

That feeling of safety is what allows an audience to make the most of every show. Whether you’re an event coordinator or part of your venue’s security staff, people are counting on you to protect them. Fortunately you don’t have to do it on your own.

Make your venue the safe space they deserve with the help of military-proven technology you can trust. Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) provides venues with intelligent technology that detects and communicates threats to the security of your venue as they happen. Outdoor and indoor solutions allow for 360° coverage so you can protect the crowd when coming, going, and everywhere in between. Our portable option provides protection anywhere you need it during select events. When threats arise outside or inside your venue, you’ll be the first to know with real-time alerts to your VMS. ATD’s capabilities can be customized to meet your venue’s needs so the audience knows you’re watching out for them in all circumstances.



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