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Who we are?

Acoem legacy date back to 1969, across a wide variety of industries.  We are a global organization that leverages technology to provide better ways to monitor the environment, operate machinery, and protect communities. Our 900+ employees work across 9 countries, 6 manufacturing facilities and 5 R&D centers to provide trusted solutions for customers worldwide. 

Acoem’s US operations are based in Grants Pass, Oregon and Richmond, Virginia, with more than 180 employees dedicated to harnessing technology to improve our lives. 

Creating Environments of Possibility

Our story

Acoem ATD is being made available for civilian use for the first time, but our acoustic technology has a long history of success in municipal, civil, and military applications. Our threat surveillance and detection solutions are based on lessons learned from technology initially deployed for military applications, and have earned the trust of soldiers in some of the toughest military operations around the world.

Acoem is also an approved security solution provider for major sporting events, where our advanced technology keeps spectators safe at some of the world’s most prominent competitions.  

That extensive experience laid the foundation for our civilian threat detection system – helping law enforcement and security staff make faster, more reliable, and more informed tactical response decisions to emergency situations.

Tested on the Battlefield, Effective in Your Community

Our technology

Acoem’s revolutionary Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) is the most advanced threat detection technology in the world, enabling better situational awareness. Proven under military conditions with some of the world’s elite fighting forces, our technology is now available for the first time to your community and law enforcement. 

Unlike any other systems, Acoem ATD uses advanced sensors, not just microphones, so it can reliably detect threats like gunshots right when they happen. The advanced sensors more accurately identify gunshots by using not only the muzzle blast but also the ballistic sound wave caused by the projectile in motion.

Press and articles

Find out how Acoem’s Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) technology played a crucial role in detecting gunshots and helping law enforcement make multiple arrests in Edenton, North Carolina. This article provides details about the incident, how ATD works, and the effectiveness of Acoem’s ATD system in detecting gunfire.

Discover how Acoem’s ATD technology is helping communities stay safe and secure

Logos and images

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