What is Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD)?

Did you know there is a technology that has been developed capable of detecting audible events affecting public safety, such as gunshots or explosions? What difference could we make within our communities in these situations, if first responders were alerted immediately after an audible threat has taken place? This idea is a reality with Acoustic Threat Detection.

An overview of how Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) — powered by Acoem, can help you protect your community…

ATD is perhaps one of the most interesting technologies focused on public safety, that you may have never heard of. Imagine if your organization could be alerted instantly, with real-time tracking information in the unfortunate event of a gun fired or an explosion occurring? The application of Acoustic Threat Detection technology can be pivotal assisting either emergency response teams or your internal organization. With ATD you can identify for instance, at a school, corporate campus, venue or transit center exactly what happened, and where.


Being able to respond as quickly as possible during these situations is crucial — minutes matter. Which is why for over 27-years the technology of Acoustic Threat Detection has been developed. ATD protects communities with its ability to detect and accurately identify gunshots, explosions and even shattered glass.

With the capability to specifically detect audible threats, our clients can put protocols in place enabling them to respond much faster than they could otherwise. Lock down the location, contact the authorities, initiate internal notifications, identify the perpetrator if possible, and the exact location where the event took place. Most importantly, locate those who need help.

How we implement ATD technology ?

How does Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) technology work?

ATD can decipher different sounds such as gunshots utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our Acoustic Threat Detection technology at Acoem differs from our competitors because we use multiple sensors inside each pod, giving our product the ability to localize the exact location of a gunshot taking place, with a single pod. Through continuous development, our AI consistently distinguishes between false alarms and actual audible threats.

For example, when gunfire is detected by one of our sensors, the unit identifies not only the muzzle blast, but also the ballistic sound wave caused by the projectile in motion. In addition to gunfire, our ATD technology can even decipher elevated voices from shattered glass, or an explosion. The sensor then locates and tracks where the event took place.

ATD sensors work independently. Start with a single unit if that is all that is required for your application — you can add more as needed. We will help you build your own integrated ATD system from the ground up. Acoem’s Acoustic Threat Detection sensors are fully customizable.

Additional complimentary technologies have been integrated into our Acoustic Threat Detection sensors.

Not only do Acoem ATD sensors detect and distinguish various acoustic threats, a companion camera can also be activated to visually monitor the situation. When outfitted with a point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera or integrated with a video management system (VMS) you are already using, ATD sensors give you the capability of visually zeroing in on exactly where the audible threat is taking place.

The ATD sensor(s) can communicate with your camera set-up giving you, for example, the chance to identify a perpetrator or capture a license plate number. Also, thermal imaging, and motion detection will be at your fingertips when ATD is used in conjunction with any video management system (VMS) of your choice.

Utilizing camera integration with our ATD sensors, you will know exactly where, when, and what took place. We provide real time alerts through text, sms, or email. Our innovative Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) technology is continuously being developed, and refined by Acoem, a global leader in sustainable technology. ATD provides an additional line of defense helping to keep our communities safer.

Our team is looking forward to sharing with you the latest news, findings, and advancements on this topic. If you are interested in updates about Acoustic Threat Detection technology, follow us on LinkedIn at Acoem Securities Solutions. Visit us on our new blog here at acoematd.com for new content published throughout each month, and let’s continue this discussion about ATD technology. Interested in speaking directly with our sales team now? Contact us.

Introducing Acoustic Threat Detection Webinar

💡 Would you like more in-depth information about Acoustic Threat Detection? Watch this webinar hosted by a member of our Executive Sales Team, Mike Arnold…

by Keith Epperson | September 13, 2022
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