Acoem’s acoustic threat detection technology helps detect gunshots and assists in multiple arrests of shooters in Edenton, North Carolina

Since summer 2021, Edenton, N.C. installed 15 ATD sensors. The network enable to localize a threat with one sensor, the scalability allowed this small town the opportunity to have big-city technology on a lower budget.

Henry King, Chief of Police, Town of Edenton, NC. says « It was simple to integrate into our existing camera system and gives us the control we need to get altered immediately »

To date, its success in the public arena has been unmatched!

How Acoem make gunshot detection so unique :

  1. 100% accuracy from the first year
  2. Paired camera for evidence recovery
  3. Transparent data and real time alert
  4. Affordable budget

💡 Would you like more in-depth information about Acoustic Threat Detection? Watch this webinar hosted by a member of our Executive Sales Team, Mike Arnold…