Webinar: Essential substation security panel discussion on NEW and growing THREATS!

A growing threat facing our nation today is gun damage to critical infrastructure, with recent incidents of rogue gunmen shooting and damaging electric substations. To address this growing concern, Acoem is proud to partner with Archer to provide companies and service providers a solution to meet evolving security regulations through effective risk-based physical security programs.

Archer specializes in assessing, consulting, and testing to ensure compliance with NERC standards, including CIP-014, which recommends the use of Acoustic Detection to provide real-time alarms and awareness of gunshots or explosions as they happen. Acoem and Archer make a strong team, with Archer providing expertise in compliance and Acoem and its integration partners offering expertise in acoustic threats and physical security technology.

Watch this webinar to learn more about securing substations and other remote critical infrastructure, the Acoem ATD technology, and Archer services:

  • Overview of substation security, challenges and threats,
  • Relevant compliance regulations and industry standards
  • Emerging Technologies


  • Nick Weber | Managing Partner @Archer
  • Mike Arnold | Sales Manager @Acoem
  • Brady Phelps | Cyber & Physical Security, Investigations @WECC

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